Custom Products

Subsea designs and manufactures advanced custom communications systems to meet our customers demanding needs. These custom communications systems are designed to meet the rigors of the ocean environment and our customer’s unique performance requirements. From 1 atmosphere diving suits, wet subs, tourist submarines and deep diving research submersibles, military submarines, submarine rescue vehicles and custom communication for sonar dipping systems. We have your communications solution.

Subsea’s advanced technology offers superior quality communications. Sophisticated electronic circuitry and filtering techniques are utilized to enhance speech clarity and reduce extraneous noises, thereby providing optimum clarity under adverse conditions. Subsea’s custom designs are designed to be compatible with all other Subsea standard communications products.


  • Custom communication packages and frequencies
  • Custom transducer designs
  • Custom applications and features
    Custom battery and charger systems
  • Clarity of speech
    Extended range in both fresh and salt water
  • Clear communications in strong currents, around obstacles and in enclosed areas
  • Ease of use
  • Long battery life
  • Rugged reliable designs for  military, police and professional use