Scubaphone 1080 VOX

The Scubaphone® 1080VOX is a high-performance communications system offering up to 3km diver-to-diver / surface range. The transmitter is voice-activated (VOX) or PTT (push-to-talk), selectable by the diver – thus allowing greater freedom for the diver.

Scubaphone's® 1080VOX, is unequalled in the industry in terms of:

  • Clarity of speech
  • Extended range in both fresh and salt water
  • Clear communications in strong currents, around obstacles and in enclosed areas
  • Ease of use
  • Long battery life
  • Rugged reliability in military / police / professional use
  • Many frequency options are available

Advanced technology contributes to the superior quality and clarity of communications from the Scubaphone® 1080VOX. Sophisticated electronic circuitry and filtering techniques are utilized to enhance speech clarity and reduce extraneous noises, thereby providing optimum clarity under adverse conditions. The Scubaphone® 1080VOX has facility for a much larger battery allowing for greater transmitter power giving ranges up to 3 km from diver to diver and surface communications.

The Scubaphone®  1080VOX— like all of Subsea’s products — employs crystal-controlled single side band (SSB) ultrasonic techniques. Subsea's SSB technology provides distortion free transmissions and extended battery life. Diving teams will enjoy clear communications even in strong currents or waters crowded with ships, wharf pilings, or debris and even while inside sunken ships, pipes or other enclosed areas. The Scubaphone® 1080VOX is compatible with all other Subsea communications products.


  • Range up to 3 km at 27 kHz
  • 100 meter depth rating
  • Charging system has automatic reduction to trickle charge with indicators
  • All controls are located on the diver’s headset
  • Robust powder coated, marine cast aluminum case construction
  • Non-metallic microphone connector will not corrode and can be connected while underwater
  • Optional ABS carry case is available

Companion Products

The Scubaphone® 1080SX is recommended as the surface station for the Scubaphone® 1080VOX.