Scubaphone 1080SX

The Scubaphone® 1080SX is a high-performance surface communications system offering up to 3km transmit range. Subsea Import's Scubaphone® 1080SX is an advanced communications system designed for the rigors of the salt water environment and the unique requirements of surface support communications for users. The Scubaphone® 1080SX is functionally equivalent to the Scubaphone® 2000SX other than the Scubaphone® 1080SX does not have the facility for simultaneous charging for itself and two Scubaphone® 2000D diver communications units .

Scubaphone® 1080SX, is unequalled in the industry in terms of:

  • Clarity of speech
  • Extended range in both fresh and salt water
  • Clear communications in strong currents, around obstacles and in enclosed areas
  • Ease of use
  • Long battery life
  • Rugged reliability in military / police / professional use
  • Many frequency options are available

The Scubaphone® 1080SX is enclosed in a rugged waterproof carry case. The front panel is made from Lexan covered anodized marine grade aluminum. All front panel controls and connectors are waterproof and sealed to the front panel so the Scubaphone® 1080SX is ideally suited for use in open craft or adverse weather conditions. A second rugged waterproof carry case is provided with the Scubaphone® 1080SX to transport and store all the supplied accessories.

Advanced technology contributes to the superior quality and clarity of communications from the Scubaphone® 1080SX. Sophisticated electronic circuitry and filtering techniques are utilized to enhance speech clarity and reduce extraneous noises, thereby providing optimum clarity under adverse conditions. The Scubaphone® 1080SX is recommended as the surface station for the Scubaphone® 1080VOX as well as all other Subsea medium range communications systems.

The Scubaphone® 1080SX — like all of Subsea’s products — employs crystal-controlled single side band (SSB) ultrasonic techniques. Scubaphone's® SSB technology provides distortion free transmissions and extended battery life. Users will enjoy clear communications even in strong currents or waters crowded with ships, wharf pilings, or debris and even while inside sunken ships, pipes or other enclosed areas. The Scubaphone® 1080SX is compatible with all other Subsea’s communications products.

With the freedom of a wireless system and the security of a reliable state-of-the-art design, Subsea Import's Scubaphone® 1080SX is the ideal answer for your operation's medium range surface communications needs.


  • Up to 3 km transmit range at 27 kHz. All controls and connectors are sealed and waterproof 
  • Tape outlet allows for recording of both transmitted and received communications 
  • Low power consumption (30 hrs @ 15% transmit) 
  • Charging system has automatic reduction to trickle charge and charge-level indicators 
  • Rugged waterproof carry cases for both the Scubaphone® 1080SX and all accessories

Companion Products

Optional Model 470 noise cancelling headset with boom microphone to supply the surface operator with privacy and the ability to communicate under extremely noisy surface conditions.