​​Scubaphone® 2000D

Underwater communications for divers enhances the effectiveness and safety of any diving operation. Subsea Import's Scubaphone® 2000D is an advanced diver communications system designed for the rigors of the underwater environment and the unique requirements of professional divers.

Scubaphone® 2000D, is unequalled in the industry in terms of:

  • Clarity of speech
  • Extended range in both fresh and salt water
  • Clear communications in strong currents, around obstacles and in enclosed areas
  • Ease of use
  • Long battery life
  • Rugged reliability in military / police / professional use
  • Many frequency options are available

Advanced technology contributes to the superior quality of communications from the Scubaphone® 2000D Sophisticated electronic circuitry and filtering techniques are utilized to enhance speech clarity and reduce extraneous noises, thereby providing optimum clarity under adverse conditions.

The Scubaphone® 2000D — like all of Subsea Import's products — employs crystal-controlled single side band (SSB) ultrasonic techniques. Scubaphone's® SSB technology provides distortion free transmissions and extended battery life. Diving teams will enjoy clear communications even in strong currents or waters crowded with ships, wharf pilings, or debris.

To optimize the field of communications the Scubaphone® 2000D diver unit is an integrated head-mounted communications transceiver. It consists of two high-output speaker enclosures housing all electronic circuitry and rechargeable battery pack, a transducer attached to the top of the headband, and a push-to-talk activated microphone which fits into any full-face diving mask. The entire unit is water and pressure proof to 100 meters. This unique design provides a lightweight (only 750 grams in water), comfortable, easy-to-use system with proven reliability and ruggedness.

With the freedom of a wireless communications system and the security of a reliable state-of-the-art design, Subsea Import's Scubaphone® 2000D is the ideal answer for your diving operations.


  • Head-mounted transducer allows for maximum broadcast pattern and easy direction finding
  • No dangling cables to entangle diver
  • Non-metallic microphone connector will not corrode and can be connected while underwater
  • Low power consumption (14 hrs. at 15% transmit)
  • Optional ABS carry case for two diver units and face masks


There are two accessories available to provide additional battery charging capability for the Scubaphone® 2000D diver unit.

Model 1040 charger offers charging capability for up to three Scubaphone® 2000Ds.

Model 1130 charger offers charging capability for one Scubaphone® 2000D.

Companion Products

The Scubaphone® 2000SX is a surface communications unit designed specifically for use with the Scubaphone® 2000D . Besides offering an advance surface communications capability the Scubaphone® 2000SX also provides charging facility for two Scubaphone® 2000D diver units.​