Subphone 580 & 580TX

Subsea's Subphone 580 is a waterproof, portable, wireless, through-water, long-range communication system, designed specifically for communications between ADS, submarines, submersibles and surface vessels for distances up to 10 km at 10 kHz. (5 km for the Subphone  580TX) The Subphone 580 & 580TX has up to two user selectable operating frequencies.

The Subphone 580 & 580TX proven and sophisticated technology is unequalled in the industry in terms of:

  • Clarity of speech
  • Extended range of up to 10 km (6+ miles) - 5 km for the Subphone 580TX
  • Clear communications in strong currents and around obstacles
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability in professional use
  • Many frequency options are available
  • Compact size (the 19" rack mount model is only 3-1/2" high = 2RU)

Advanced technology contributes to the superior quality of communications from the Subphone 580 & 580TX. Sophisticated electronic circuitry and filtering techniques are utilized to enhance speech clarity and reduce extraneous noises, thereby providing optimum clarity under adverse conditions. The Subphone 580 & 580TX — like all of Subsea Import's products — employs crystal-controlled single side band (SSB) ultrasonic techniques. Subsea’s SSB technology provides distortion free transmissions and extended battery life. Operators will enjoy clear communications even in strong currents or waters crowded with ships and obstacles.

The Subphone 580 has high and low power capabilities enabling the user to conserve battery life (on the portable model) and improve the quality of shorter range communications. The option of dual-frequency also offers a Subphone 580 & 580TX operator the capability of choosing the best frequency for communicating under various ocean conditions. The Subphone 580 & 580TX has the capability to support four transducer, one for each frequency facing upward and one for each frequency facing downward. This optimizes communication from both above and below the submerged vehicle.

In addition to the standard Subphone 580 with a range of 10 km, Subsea offers the Subphone 580TX, a lower transmitter powered model with a range of 3 km on 27 kHz. The Subphone 580TX is designed for applications such as ADS and small submersibles, where the underwater vehicle is never at any great distance from the surface vessel.

An additional feature of either Subphone model in tourist submarine applications is that the Subphone can be connected directly to the submarines public address system. Passengers are therefore able to become more involved with a presentation by listening to communications between submarine and accompanying divers.

The Subphone 580 & 580TX provide the most affordable, high quality communications capability in a compact rack mountable cabinet on the market today.


  • Extended range of up to 10 km (6+ miles) at 10 kHz for the Subphone 580
  • Two user selectable operating frequencies
  • All front panel controls and connectors are sealed and waterproof
  • Separate connectors for both Hand microphone and Headset with boom microphone
  • Operation for up & down transducer for each frequency
  • Optional portable, heavy-duty aluminum carry case with internal speaker, batteries, battery charging circuitry is available
  • Transmitter pinger mode for location and emergency situations
  • Tape outlet allows for recording of all communications


Optional carry case model 820 is available to provide non-waterproof transportability to either the Subphone 580 or 580TX. ( Please see ACCESSORIES )

Subphone model 2190, portable, waterproof, long range communications system.

Optional Model 470 noise cancelling headset with boom microphone to supply the surface operator with privacy and the ability to communicate under extremely noisy surface conditions.  

Remote speaker model 2210. (please note the Subphone 580 and 580TX do not have a built in speaker)