Subsea has many standard transducer products to meet a broad variety of communications and oceanographic applications.  These transducers are available in many standard frequency ranges. Custom designs and frequencies are also offered including designs which have been successfully tested to full ocean depths (10,000 meters).

Subsea’s standard transducer backing plate material is 316 Stainless Steel however hard anodized marine grade 5052 aluminum is also available as well as plastic backing plates for low cost transducers.


  • Hemispherical or phased beam patterns available
  • Excellent receive and transmit response
  • 10 meter standard cable lengths DSS 2 water blocked cable (any custom cable length available) 
  • Options for built in connectors or bulkheads
  • Custom urethane small diameter cable available for small transducers
  • Engineering of custom transducers and impedance matching networks